DIY Abstract paintings how to

I've always loved playing with color

I remember watching a custom paint color be made at a hardware store

They took the can of white paint and dropped in colors

then used a stick to stir it once or twice before covering it to put in the shaker machine

I would have loved to have mixed it by hand.. Or how about  

food coloring in frosting....(now I want cake) 

I ran out of examples but you get the idea

Playing with colors is fun to me

And that's what set the tone for my exploration in painting

Somehow I knew to call my paintings abstract

Which in my mind means "playing with colors and movement because I can't draw objects or people or stuff" 

I don't know if that's actually an accurate definition but I'm standing by it

And the best part about it, to me, is that there were no rules

I could just move paint around til I liked what I was looking at

This was much easier to grasp than following steps to create an exact something  


I really do believe if you have a desire to paint or create something 

You can go for it and try it out 

I think that we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves in a lot of ways

To be "good enough" at.... well,

You name it - good enough at anything really! 

When it comes to creating

the pressure to create something "good" stops many before they start 

And the experience of creating is lost

The most fun I have is in the moment of creating

The paint on the canvas, the colors flowing

the movement of color filling a blank surface 

While I love being happy with a finished project

I love the creative process  

Otherwise I would have stopped after my first "good" piece 

Or after my many not so good pieces 

It's the fun of the experience that keeps me going 

So if you want to try getting messy with paint

Here's a very basic starter guide to what I did when I began painting

Click here to view DIY Play With Colors guide