Acrylic Paints, Alcohol Inks, Resin and More

If you have read my other blog, my art journey started with acrylic painting. It went on and off for years while I was still discovering what I wanted to do with my life. By comparison of painting with acrylics, I am relatively new to using alcohol inks and they propelled me into my world of exploring fantasy and whimsical artwork. 

It was a love at first use but also intimidated by them so it was a while before I went into the deep end of the ink pool. 

My first time using it was playing around with them when my Mom had this kit of craft items and my sisters were over and we were all playing with making ink blobs on paper. I was in love. It was so simple. Just ink blobs. Yet to me, the light, the saturation, the texture, everything about them was like, "Yes! This is what I've been looking for!" 

I didn't fully dive in to using them for many months later, I know, it seems like I would have gone full speed ahead, yet I didn't. I doubted myself because others around me didn't react the same way. Sigh, yes, doubt, that awful moment of thinking "I must be nuts for seeing this beauty and potential that no one else sees. Moving on now..." 

They got me again when I had a craft night at a friend's house who had inks and I once again realized the unique beauty and fun of working with inks. The rest is kind of a blur. 

I don't remember if I got inks then, or if my Mom gave me hers. And it wasn't long after that my husband then gave me a kit from Ranger products with inks, paper, how to instructions and a few other supplies.  

It was so exciting, I tore through the pages and played with inks and was hooked. After that, things just fell into place, one after the next. 

My playtime and playing continued to unfold and then, an airbrush came into my life.  The moment I held onto the brush and began moving the ink around the page, it was like coming home. It was as though a part of me or my life click into place but it wasn't new, it was familiar as though it was where I was always supposed to be yet I'm looking at the future. 

For me, the creation of beautiful things is magical and unlimited so I do much more than work with alcohol inks yet I love so many elements of the creative process and each area I play in enhances another area over here. It ping pongs off one another and my skills continue to evolve. 

That's really how it all came together with inks for me which then opened the door to more things.  I began making coasters where I painted with inks on tile coasters and those needed a resin finish, so I learned more about working with resin. 

Jewelry happened because I love charms and necklaces so that was something that kind of fell into place because it is something I enjoy.