Art, Crafts, and Making - oh my!

Am I a crafter or artist? 

A maker? A professional or not? 

There are really exciting changes in the shopping world these days. And it has greatly shifted shopping for and also the definitions of "art" or "crafts". 

For some artists, being called a crafter or having their projects called crafts, it may as well be a very nasty 4 letter word. 

For others, they may prefer handmade or craft. 

Online shopping, social media, global commerce, and the availability for creative minds to be able to sell their own work on their own terms is continuing to shift and blur the lines between the arts, crafts, and everything in between. 

I consider myself to be a creative entrepreneur and if you want to call me a crafter, cool. An artist, cool. A maker, great. 

At the end of the day, I think the title of myself or my work is really left to the person who connects with it or doesn't. 

Art, much like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, is very much the same. 

And we're moving away from the days of galleries, and being juried or "deemed" and artist from others and more so being able to put our own stamp on ourselves and our work. 

Does it matter? Where do you fit in? Are there requirements needed to be able to call yourself an artist? I don't think so. 

If you want to be called a Doctor, yes, requirements are needed. 

An artist, I don't think so. 

We've all heard the underdog stories of athletes or musicians or people with raw "talent" or they excel at certain things even though they may be self-taught or have had little formal training. 

Art, crafts, creating, it isn't any different. 

Be it learning from formal education, self-taught experience and study, or a combination of many things, I think in this field, this industry, we do our best to use the title that best fits our feeling around what we create. 

For me, I definitely can create art, crafts and all things in between so being a maker seems most fitting to me. 

No matter what your title, create. Make. Share. Inspire. Do your thing!