Inspiration comes in all ways...

If you haven't seen it yet, well here's the link 

Inspiration can come in all kinds of ways for me and I'll be honest, working in creativity and making my creativity work, well it's a tricky balance. 

I want to produce quality creations but not get so overly focused on things being "good" or "perfect" that I lose the fun of creativity. 

It's a balancing act for me to try to remember to find inspiration in all places, make my to do lists and take breaks. 

And to laugh, I mean seriously, who would think a video of two oversized skeletons would make someone's day as much as it made mine, but seriously it really cracks me up! 

It tells a story, it shows someone's sense of humor and quirky side, and hell if it doesn't make me want to share the funny ideas that pop into my mind also. 

That's the things about inspiration, it comes from any place we are open to enjoying. 

And that's why so many people encourage others to share, to express, to explore, to create, to be themselves because  you  never know what you're going to inspire in others. 

I listen to a podcast about the show Gilmore Girls, because I'm a huge fan, and the actors who have been in the show, be it for a major or minor part all can share stories about how much the fans love the show, the characters. How so many people talk about the way having the show as comfort during difficult times is valuable to them. 

And yet, it's just a show. There's nothing necessary to our survival in watching TV --- or music, or books, or having art on our walls. 

Except that we all learn to connect, appreciate, express, and experience various things in our lives. 

So, do you want to start a blog, vlog, podcast, YouTube channel, Etsy shop or book club? Do you want to host hiking groups or take an improv class? Do you want to be more playful in your day and have time to do things just cause, with no goal or measurement of productivity? 

It's all valuable. 

You never know who else will connect with you, your experience, your voice or message.