Well even I could do that!

I've watched both of my kids draw, paint, play and creatively explore. 

Many of the projects they've made get turned into digital collages of sorts or art pieces I post in my gallery. 

Most people will rightfully look at my toddler's art and go, "Well even I could do that!" 

And, that, is the point right there. 

Yes -- even YOU could do that. 

And the question is, if you have a desire to create, and you could do this too, then what's stopping you? 

I saw a post from Callen Shaub how he had someone comment on his art saying "anyone can do that" with the implication that his art is somehow less impactful because it seems as though anyone could do it

And he went on to write about how he hopes that everyone DOES or WILL do it 

I don't know when we all began thinking of ourselves as outsiders to different life experiences

And that the only thing that makes something good is that it isn't easy, it's not something just anyone could do

Because surely there's not enough room for everyone to be creative or artistic, right? 

Because it's not good enough

Since it's not like that something over there someone else created

There's no skill

They didn't go to school for it

They don't have the same talent or natural aptitude for it

But what about the fun in the moment?

That's what I see any time I create with my kids

Even my 8 year old who at some point may start becoming more critical of his own creations but not yet

Right now, both of my kids just want to get their hands into whatever it is they are doing

Playing with toys, building a snowman, or having craft and paint time 

So, this painting, that my toddler did at school, is called Independence

It is a moment in time that is showing how he is learning and building his own abilities 

And he loves to do most things on his own

This is a message about why creative expression is so important

why giving yourself permission to express yourself with art or creating

not just for kids but everyone 

of all ages

all skill levels

When I say "creative expression" 

that can be everything or anything that is your thing

Writing, dancing, art, crafts, sports, singing 

it's about creating the experiences you most want to have 

and creating your own path

your own space

to be YOU

or question who that is and what it means

It's a reminder that beauty, joy, fun, can come in simple ways

Like a toddler's finger painting that YES anyone else is also able to do

And that is the point -- YOU can do it too

What would that do for you if you not only had fun finger painting carelessly like a child 

But then also felt proud of it 

Not because of what anyone else thinks of it 

But because you did it and you enjoyed it

For the experience of it 

For the experience of getting lost in the flow of the moment

(Read more about flow state

So, what do you want to create today? 

Because you can 

Just like I tell myself 

And my kids 

That creating is fun in the moment for you

And if you share in the fun by sharing what you've created 

You never know who may love your creations just as much

And be inspired by it 

Then they create their own things

And the flow of inspiration carries on 

from one to another to another