Seasons of Creativity

I've always loved mixed media art.

I'd started an attempt at a mixed media project and became full of doubt and left it, then it got packed away and I honestly forgot about it until I came across it again and hung it up in my studio many years later.

One day I needed to create without a plan so I grabbed it and began layering colors, paint, and a finished project came together.

(You ever have those days or moments when things were hectic, you felt all wired up and needed a way to burn off that extra energy? Well that was me on this particular day.)

I layered oil pastes over the painted background. put on more paper, some stickers, drew random flowers, and lined them with paint. 

Me being the curious creative that I am, I then got the idea to play around with some digital embellishments. 

I love the layers, texture and mystery that a digital embellishment can produce.

Just like flowers slowly coming up through the ground, the layers, the mystery of all the details in this piece makes feel excited by the bold and subtle details.

Somethings will jump right out at you, some other details become faded and blend in which tends to make it more fun to search the colors to see what else is there. 

When it comes to the creative process it can be very intimidating. 

And it's funny to say that finally getting to a point where I felt like I was creative did something for my overall happiness and purpose in life. 

But it did. 

It may be small, painting and creating things. (Like the guy says on the Netflix baking show about cakes. "There are people saving lives and doing important work. And I make cakes that look like other things.) 

Was it a small thing when I realized that creating paintings, art, crafts was something I was capable of. Possibly. 

And possibly it was still significant to me as well. 

I realized I'd found a way of expressing myself that I thoroughly enjoyed and I also felt as though I'd found a place where I fit in life. 

I talk so much about the fact that I was not a natural taker to art and crafts because I want others to know that a path to creativity doesn't have to be one way and that if you have a desire to make some magic through art, crafts or other handmade items, you can go for it. 

The fun is in the process of creating and letting your story come through the work. 

Just as this painting has layers and somethings you'll see right away while others you may have to look for 

You have things within you that you may need to look for -- such as your creative voice.