This Magical Life - What's it all about?

You see, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to be when I "grew up". 

I've known a lot of friends who seemed to have it all figured out. 

I'd started making art with acrylic abstract pieces. 

But, it didn't take off in a rapid fashion so I figured that meant it wasn't good enough. And there was a disconnect in the creative process for me after a while. 

I went back to school for Health Coaching. Prior to that I'd gotten a Communications degree because I wanted to write. (Inspired by the book Life 101 by Peter McWilliams). 

So, for a while, coaching was great. But it didn't totally fit or feel like me. 

I tried many things over the years while art was kind of a fun outlet for me in the background. 

As life had its changes, ups and downs, I remember one night feeling very frustrated, doubting whether I'd ever know what to do, or if my coaching would become a more successful endeavor and I decided to change my Instagram, of all things, and the words or handle name "This Magical Life" was what I chose. 

It was my place to share any good feeling thing, experience, story, moment, with others. 

Because we all know life gets messy, hard, sad, and these moments of peace, calm, excitement, beauty, community, or anything that makes you feel whole again is what it is really all about and it's what sometimes can be the thing to get us through those hard days. 

My coaching was great for a few years, I even had a full time job at a company doing it and it was super rewarding. Eventually, as the job got more intense, I hit a point of burn out. 

So I stayed home with my kiddo, and had to figure out what now. 

I came back to my art, then got bored again, because I hadn't found that thing that really clicked into place. 

So I got a job at a bank, thinking I'd work up to a position in Human Resources. 

Then we welcomed another baby into our lives and well life changed again. 

But once I was given my own pack of alcohol ink to use. It all changed. 

I fell in love. I saw fairies and woodland creatures and ethereal light and though all I was doing was literally putting ink blobs on paper, something snapped into place.

The foundation I'd not yet found in my creative process so far came together and I haven't looked back since! 

Now, there's ink paintings, mixed media, jewelry, resin work, and the newest exploration into photography and digital mixed media. 

Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids, all the mythical creatures, and nature, wild life (those real animals) all make me think of magic. 

Magic makes me think of possibility, fun moments, inspiration, imagination, innovation.  

So, that's what it is all about and my Instagram feed evolved over to share about my creative journey and well, the name has just stuck around is my reminder to smile when those magic moments show up.